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Meet Marissa

Hi there! I'm Marissa. Welcome to Mel Well! My initials are M.E.L., hence the name. I'm a recent college graduate, healthy food lover, and fitness enthusiast. Having tried every diet under the sun, battled an eating disorder, and struggled to feel confident in my own body for years, I finally found a method that has kept me at a low, healthy weight for years and has truly changed my life!

My goal is to share my knowledge and toolkit with women just like you, to help you get the body you never knew was possible. No meal plans or diets, no endless hours spent at the gym, no avoiding social events, and no more restrictive eating. I have a method that proves that "being healthy" is a lifestyle, one that is sustainable and feels incredible.

If you're ready to stop looking in the mirror feeling helpless, and start feeling sexy and confident in your own body, contact me today and receive a free consultation!


Weight Loss Coaching for busy college females, determined to finally feel sexy and confident. 

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January 2, 2018

Wondering what you can do to lose weight quickly? The easiest diet change you can make is to stop drinking your calories. 

Instead, opt for zero calorie drinks. You can consume as much as you want, without any worry of weight gain. In fact, consuming 2 to 4 glasses of z...

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